Distinctives of Reformed Theology

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Below is a five-part series on the distinctive points of Reformed Theology I pieced together from various writings of R.C. Sproul. Before you read about the distinctives of Reformed Theology, you may want to read a little about what beliefs Reformed Theology holds in common with all Christians.

  1. Total Depravity (added 03/27/2002)
  2. Unconditional Election (added 03/27/2002)
  3. Limited Atonement (added 03/27/2002)
  4. Irrestible Grace (added 03/27/2002)
  5. Perseverance of the Saints (added 03/27/2002)

I wrote these five short pieces based on the following resources by R.C. Sproul:


What is Reformed Theology? - video series

This video series is excellent at giving you a general overview of reformed theology. This is a good way to learn the truth and not get caught up on caricatures of Calvinism. There is a DVD version of this series available now.

The VHS series cost me $45.

[ Essential Truths of the Christian Faith by R.C. Sproul ]Essential Truths of the Christian Faith

This book is a great introduction to basic Christian doctrine. Each "truth" is a short, easy-to-read explaination of essential doctrine (typically from a reformed perspective, but other perspectives are sometimes noted).

There are 102 articles, each two to three pages long. The main categories covered are: Revelation, The Nature and Attributes of God, The Works and Decrees of God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Human Beings and the Fall, Salvation, The Church and Sacraments, and Spirituality and Living in This Age.

Some specific doctrines include:

  • Divine Revelation
  • The Canon of Scripture
  • The Triunity of God
  • The Holiness of God
  • Providence
  • Covenant
  • The Deity of Christ
  • The Sinlessness of Christ
  • The Virgin Birth
  • The Internal Testimony of the Holy Spirit
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit


  • Satan
  • Demons
  • Sin
  • Original Sin
  • Human Depravity
  • Salvation
  • Predestination
  • Free Will
  • Justification by Faith
  • The Assurance of Salvation
  • The Sacraments
  • The Antichrist

I've not read this entire book yet, but I have read many of the articles and can highly recommend this as an easily understandable treatment of what can be complex issues. I expect to use this entire book in regular family devotions.

[ Grace Unknown by R.C. Sproul ]Grace Unknown

I've read the first two chapters, and then I skipped ahead and read a couple of the later chapters (couldn't wait!). I'll go back and complete the remainder of this book soon.

This book would be a good follow-up companion to the video series, "What is Reformed Theology?" since it coveres the same topics, but more in-depth. So far, this book has been easy to understand also.