My Connection to Waterdeep


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Like many bands, there is one person in Waterdeep who defines the band: Don Chaffer. Don lived in the Kansas City area at the time Waterdeep was established and often played at The New Earth coffeehouse in KC, MO. I got to casually know Don from his appearances at The New Earth and from my brief time working with a coffeehouse in Olathe ("The Big House"). Before Waterdeep, Don's band was "Whalebelly Exit" which did play at The New Earth and at least once at The Big House. Of course, Don also released a solo album, You Were At the Time For Love, shortly before Waterdeep came together which I still consider to be some of his best work. You can find more biographical information about the band at the official Waterdeep website.

At the time Don was working on the first Waterdeep album, To Chase Away the Birds, he needed some assistence with digitizing and manipulating the artwork for the album. I spent a few hours with him over some pizza and for my effort I'm mentioned twice in the album notes. First, I'm listed under "The Band Thanks:" (as "Doug & Rhonda Ledbetter") and secondly, I'm listed under "Art direction & design". I find it somewhat amusing to be mentioned under "Art direction & design" since I'm really not an artist at all, but this is my five minutes of fame and besides, who else do you know that's listed in the liner notes of a nationally distributed album? Note: The "digitally remastered" version of this album seems to have a new design on the CD which removes the "duck posterior" but the liner notes still make mention of it.